about me

valentina hvale pellizzer (small letters as per bell hooks) is the president at OneWorld Platform, an organization that tackles and researches the intersection between Internet Rights, Women Rights and the Transformative power of technology. As activist she connects women rights, sexual rights, and the Internet politically and practically, and advocate for the feminist principles of the Internet.

Specialist of Western Balkan political, Civil Society environment an d Women’s Right Movement from within, with more than 20 years spent working and living in the region, currently Team Leader for CARE international, Balkans on the European Refugees Response.

She is also a facilitator on strategic use of ICTs in particular free and open source software, citizen journalism, digital security and privacy, as well as a facilitator of visual methodology for social change (digital storytelling, and participatory video, methodologies that combine feminist solidarity with digital technology and its powerful peer-to-peer co-production, distribution and outreach). She is a passionate writer, since 2007 regular contributor for the Global Information Society Watch.

Serve pro-bono as vice-chair of the Association for Progressive Communication (APC) and as Board Member at Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID). Speaker in many international fora, and founder of the first feminist portal of BiH, www.zenskaposla.ba tutor, for the years 2010/11 and 2012/13, of the Activists Women Study course “Žarana Papić”for Zena Zenama.
You can find her at twitter: @froatosebe or write to her at valentina@oneworldplatform.net