about me

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hvale vale (small letters as per bell hooks), feminist activist and writer, my interests are the intersections between internet rights, sexuality, women’s rights and the transformative power of technology from a feminist intersectional perspective/practice as such I explore the internet poetically, politically and practically and advocate for the #feministinternet.

Sexuality, movement building, storytelling, digital safety, remote communication and, design of remote-mesh-up interactive and participatory spaces together with capacity, nurturing and building of networks is central to my work.

Accountability as a reflexive, transformative queer and anarchist practice goes hand in hand with unpacking and unsettling  positionality and projections of the white aged body in which I am “packed”.

I migrated in 1994 to the Western Balkan, first working for international humanitarian aid organizations, than in 2003, I led the process that established the first online media for civil society One World Platform, a local registered organisation that tackled and researched the intersections between internet rights, women’s rights and the transformative power of technology and, one of the proud founders of the feminist portal www.zenskaposla.ba

After coming back to humanitarian aid in the wake of the disastrous floods that hit Bosnia Herzegovina and the neighborhood countries in 2014 and the subsequent refugees’ crisis along the “Balkan Route”, in April 2017 I started a new professional adventure with the Women’s Rights Program of the Association for Progressive Communication focusing on the intersection of Sexual rights and the internet.

I discovered and learned about technology-related issues through my work, so my engagement with internet and digital rights ranges from policy advocacy to capacity building. Most of all love learning from people and facilitate digital storytelling, a visual methodology for social change that combine solidarity, healing and a powerful peer-to-peer co-production.

I maintain my own blog, because believe data ownership matters and like the idea of having my own s_place and an open accessible memory. You can read me also on GenderIT.org or GISWatch, and on Handbook on Securing Online and Offline Freedoms for Women. I speak here and there from remote in regional and international forums.

You can contact me here or via email: vale [@] hvale [.] me