In the continuum of #privacy and #data

privacy by g4ll4is on
privacy by g4ll4is on

I have always regard myself as a public person. It is not so much about me being “known” as much as being comfortable with being known and speaking/act publicly.

Still I have an intimacy, something inherently mine that I do not want to share with almost anyone and many many things I want to share with specific people.

When it comes to politic the line has always being blurry. As a feminist my practise is that the personal is political and the political, as we all know is public, so my personal most often had been, as I said, very much public. Continue reading “In the continuum of #privacy and #data”

It is always about love, even in 2014

Humanity love respect
Humanity love respect

The 2014 has been all throughout about love. Love given and love received, love witnessed and love dispersed.The love was in the protests, trough the floods and eventually in the beautiful intense feminist camp of WomenRockIT.

Love is the most personal and political statement anyone can make. It ask for openness, and acceptance of our own and others dependence.

I depend on love, I know this and I would never deny it. Sometimes I might have forgotten, busy in running and doing but when the fast track stops, when I stop running, then love is all there in it’s political accuracy. Continue reading “It is always about love, even in 2014”

Contesti: Donne famose di Bosnia

Contesti, raccolta di poesie cicliche 1992 – 93

(non una dedica)

Ci esportano lungo un filo spinato
fino alle cosce degli uomini
e ci vengono dentro
– a me non scoppia il cuore –

Mentre sto qui e prego scorra il sangue
della non figliolanza tremo
Lo faranno per ore fino a fermare il rosso
e lo faranno comunque fino a colmare
le voglie che anno
Lo faranno E S S I questi maschi
che credevamo uomini Continue reading “Contesti: Donne famose di Bosnia”