The magic of internet are hyper-links, the nightmare of internet is our/my own ability to dissipate talks, writings, learnings on a disparate number of place, many proprietary platforms, sometimes hosted blogs on community or news portals and than lost the magic connection established for the readers for ever.

This page is the attempt to recollect, remember, search and share again as many hyper-links bits as I could find/remember/link once more.

GenderIT.org, feminist reflections on internet policies – Feminist talks hvale’s posts

In plain sight, on sexuality, rights and the internet in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka (Original Post) and on  hvale.me, internet talks

Censorship walks, a feminist view of the Internet Governance Forum (Original Post) and on hvale.me, internet talks

Autocracy 2.0 at the Internet Governance Forum on hvale.me, internet talks

Human rights must be encoded into the fabric of internet governance dialogues on hvale.me, internet talks

Advocating for a Revolutionary Consciousness on hvale.me, internet talks

Filtered by the state, inspired by Gita Sen on hvale.me, internet talks

Anonymize yourself: digital security and feminist practice of technology on hvale.me, internet talks

Gender divide/gap in Pan-European Dialogue on Internet Governance on hvale.me, internet talks

Zenskaposla.ba and One World Platform

Feministički principi interneta on ženskaposla and on One World Platform (language: Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian)

Lustracija i gradjanske vlasti on ženskaposla

Diplo Internet Governance Community – Vale’s Blog

EuroDIG 2010, Rodni Jaz (language: Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian)

EuroDIG 2010, The gender divide/gap (language: english)

EuroDIG, 2010, From national to global: where are the women? (language: english)