The discipline of hope

And there it was, one of that rare zen moments everyone experience once in while. Mind/heart/stomach came all together and a shift happened. I am shifted, enlightened, transformed by a collective intelligence driven by feminism, solidarity, recognition of each others and most of all thanks to people who looks and experience life in one of the most difficult condition of confinement.

Worst is a word, whose echo depends on the vastness of the cave

Two years ago the main struggle in mine and my twins lives was making sense of my partner’s / their father’s suicide and one of the twins’ fresh diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, a chronic condition.

We entered 2020 with the quiet hope of resilience.

A few days after the start of spring in the northern hemisphere, we are in an almost total lock down, initiated by the news from Italy. In few weeks we went from no schools of any grade running, to everything but services of public use shut down; younger of 18 years old and older of 65 years old forbidden to exit their homes; police officers going from door to door and checking if people, who have received an order for self-quarantine and isolation, comply with it.

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Bosnia Herzegovina: census, the demography of division and the reality of illiteracy

We the citizens, residents, hosts, to build, sustain, feed our own independent critical thinking as people of the year 2016, we desperately need computer literacy, media literacy and with these produce new information, build a different knowledge, and dismantle once for all the too many deadly lies produced by leading political parties.

While waiting for the last (hopefully) act of the incredible BH-census-soap-opera, which should have is grand final in December this year, 2016, I have as many other, invested my time and read the provisional results published by the BH Agency for Statistics on the eve of the expiring deadline.

Luckily, apart for the lengthy pdf,  a fair amount of .xls tables were made accessible for download at the yet-to-be-filled census website:


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Na-Rodne kvote i ja

Baloons_newfrontiersmedia on flickr
Baloons_newfrontiersmedia on flickr

Da budem jasna, dok se god rod bude uzimao u obzir samo da se mjeri kvalitet, znanje i sposobnost žena, ja ću se zalagati da žene imaju ista prava koja ima svaki nesposoban muškarac, koji od početka svjeta može da se kandiduje, bude biran i bavi se politikom mandat za mandatom, bez dovođenja u pitanje njegove rodne sposobnosti ili pripadnosti.

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