Advocating for a Revolutionary Consciousness

Originally published on, Feminist talks

Another day had passed and tomorrow will be the last day of the AWID 2012 Forum.. At the end of day two I fell down, literally, I just fell. It did hurt but I stood up and went to the party a bit scored but, all in all, well.

others, name tags - AWID Fomrum 2012
others, name tags – AWID Fomrum 2012

The Underground Cistern is an incredible place from the Romans’ time, adapted to disco. But the drinks were far too expensive so a few friends of mine went out buying a bottle for what inside bought one drink. I left relatively early and went with C. outside talking all night about ourselves, our politics, our pasts, love, money, violence witnessed and much much more. Continue reading “Advocating for a Revolutionary Consciousness”