Defending the Defenders: Short Review of Nobel Women’s Initiative Conference

Originally published on: One World Platform, Womens rights

Defending the defenders, Nobel Women's Initiative Banner
Defending the defenders, Nobel Women’s Initiative Banner

A weekend in the Hague, in the average Balkans person mind is about crimes against humanity and International tribunal. However, this time it was about women’s human rights defenders and I had the privilege to attend and contribute by providing a workshop with Daysi Flores from Jass on Digital Security. Continue reading “Defending the Defenders: Short Review of Nobel Women’s Initiative Conference”

It is always about love, even in 2014

Humanity love respect
Humanity love respect

The 2014 has been all throughout about love. Love given and love received, love witnessed and love dispersed.The love was in the protests, trough the floods and eventually in the beautiful intense feminist camp of WomenRockIT.

Love is the most personal and political statement anyone can make. It ask for openness, and acceptance of our own and others dependence.

I depend on love, I know this and I would never deny it. Sometimes I might have forgotten, busy in running and doing but when the fast track stops, when I stop running, then love is all there in it’s political accuracy. Continue reading “It is always about love, even in 2014”