The knot, il nodo, чвор: blog post 0

via by Thomas
via by Thomas

The knot is my new blog title, and this is post 0, it will be short considering that its function is to fill in the blank blogroll of this wordpress site.

It will about many things and some people, many events from an individual feminist and gender fluid perspective.

It will migrate languages and mistake grammars.

What else? Continue reading “The knot, il nodo, чвор: blog post 0”

Anonymize yourself: digital security and feminist practice of technology

Originally published on, Feminist talks

From the 16th to the 18th of April I attended a pre-event to the 12th AWID forum that was focusing on the intersection between information and communication technology, the internet and feminist practices, and that was interrogating privacy and security in online spaces and on our devices.

As the day passed, I saw myself surrendering to the fact that there is nothing good in the laziness of a routine that prevents us from thinking about the technological abuse that we as women activists can suffer and make others suffer. When on the 18th April we had the feminist tech exchange I understood that I need, I have to anonymise myself. Continue reading “Anonymize yourself: digital security and feminist practice of technology”