How my children explain YouTube to me

Originally published on One World Platform, Internet rights

This article had been co-authored by: Hackerberry Finn and Olivor Twist

“Mum, you cannot imagine the pain of children whose parents do not understand what is a YouTuber” said to me Olivor Twist one of my twins. I said they could explain to me. “No, adults just get angry and forbid us to watch them” said Hackerberry Finn, my other twin. I had just finish to say “no, I will not, I promise” that they jumped out of their bed, and Hackerberry Finn, took his tablet and find for me ‘Pewdiepie christmas special! (12 days of drugs)‘ a sarcastic weird video by PewDiePie, this super known young-blond-swedish-boy making a lot of money due to his millions and millions of followers (36,498,571).

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