Thoughts on the discipline of hope

Thoughts on the discipline of hope

the image contain a tweet: "Time is up for bystanders. Silence is complicity, looking the other side is complicity, to sit and enjoy inherited privileges on others ' discrimination is complicity. I learnt it I know it . I remind it to myself."
Tweet from Jan 7 2021

.. .there are many things I would like to write loud. Things I would like to be seen and listen too, not because no one is saying them just because I feel I need to say them with my own voice and broken English. This non-first language that counts on people landing their bridge of understanding, in most case, to a non-their-first language too.

There is so much that did not happened in 2020 that will not be happening in the 2021. There are people waiting for things to go back into the known, people doing their best as well as their worst to keep the gain and share the less or the most.

Let’s be upfront, I am sitting yet in a comfortable precarious middle. I was able to pay my bills, keep my job, buy books, take care of my inner circle of human beings. I was able to be creative, to invent, to design, to mesh-up.

This year will be tougher and angrier. Tougher because we are tired by the previous one, angrier because we are still in the previous one.

The discipline of love has helped me moving trough the year and now I am here in this end of January trying to understand my tiredness, the difficulty of starting as well of closing.

I need to demystify with myself all this things about directions. I really do not know where I am going I am still try to understand if going is a verb that satisfy my need. I need change, I do want to work on change. I really look at transformation as the only compass in this perennial pandemic.

The king (or emperor) is naked and the queen (or empress) is not dressed either!!!

My roots are back and they are not institutional, they are not hierarchical, they are not national. They do use and recognize languages as a place of habitation. Languages define my territories.

The roots say choose your languages your territories (which, again is not a country) and practice your activism: the one of listening, the one of talking, the one of doing, the one of building, the on of networks smaller as the smallest and bigger as the biggest. The one where politics and how to do politics is central, the one where rights are not hipster posing and where “I do not know much” goes hand in hand with the “l I do know what I know” which is: organize, co-create, disclose mistakes with no anxiety.

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