Principi femministi di internet


Principi femministi di internet 2.0 – una traduzione (da migliorare)

Principi Femministi di internet (PDF)

Preambolo – Un internet femminista si impegna a dare potere al maggior numero di donne e soggetti_e queer – nel rispetto delle proprie diversitè – per godere in maniera completa dei propri diritti, partecipare al piacere e al gioco e smantellare il patriarcato. Tutto questo, integrando le realtà di ognuna_o, contesti e specificità – incluse età, disabilità, sessualità, identità di genere ed espressione, condizioni socio-economiche, convinzioni religiose e politiche, provenienze etniche e/o razza. I principi chiave enumerati di seguito sono critici per realizzare un internet femminista.

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The patriarchal binary and the agency of the voters



It is true the USA female candidate lost. And it is true USA is a patriarchal society. It is also true, 99% of the time, we all vote in patriarchal societies.

USA is also a white led capitalist society. Two white candidates one man and one women. The woman lost! The man was awarded for being the living incarnation of white-supremacy.

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Feminist politics of freedom of speech, V for Vendetta and bulletproofed ideas


Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy. And ideas are bulletproof.

V, V for Vendetta

I loved V for Vendetta, the movie and I could recognize a younger myself in V’s speech. There is something compelling about bulletproof ideas that remain and that in time other people and other bodies will bring them forward. What we need to understand is that free speech is about ideas, while violence is always about bodies.

What legislators, advocates, regulators and policy-makers fail to see is the power of brutality and violence to silence and even to annihilate the body of the assaulted person. That it is virtual, does not make the attack any less real or painful. Our data selves and online bots inscribe our bodies in our physical realities with a terrific precision. The online is not virtual, virtuously removed from the body – it is inscribed in the same patriarchal world that will use any argument to silence diversity, while allegedly upholding free speech.

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