The knot, il nodo, чвор: blog post 0

The knot, il nodo, чвор: blog post 0

via by Thomas
via by Thomas

The knot is my new blog title, and this is post 0, it will be short considering that its function is to fill in the blank blogroll of this wordpress site.

It will about many things and some people, many events from an individual feminist and gender fluid perspective.

It will migrate languages and mistake grammars.

What else?

It’s a knot because it suffer for complexity while looking for clarity and it is a knot because it stays in your throat when  scrolling the overwhelming #hashtag streams of wars, killings, betrayal, surveillance, a continuum denial of rights and the unrestrained resilience expected by little people like I am.

I do not intend to untie the knot, what I plan is to name it and to call for solution, look for a change of perspective and get inspiration for new routes

welcome to the knot  knot, il nodo, чвор – sarajevo or rajvosa rainy September after the floods

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